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    Fantasia Thunderdome
    June 06, 2022

    We were on a long road trip and stopped for a quick bite. The restaurant seemed clean and new looking compared to many subways I've seen. A girl named Tera greeted us and happily said "Welcome to the land where sandwiches are made!" She was fun and polite. She started our order and asked us about our trip. Things were going well until this rude bitter faced guy named Thomas (maybe the manager or owner?) rushed up and snapped at Tera to go back to cutting bread. They weren't busy or anything- it was 3:30 in the afternoon and one other person was there. No need for this horrible rush. He stared at us like we just took a dump on his floor. He snapped "what do you want on this?!?" And I completely lost track of what I had wanted to even order. I just mumbled "turkey." I couldn't think of anything else- I felt like I was being scolded just for being there. He rushed us through and the sandwiches weren't very good. The only reason I'm giving this rating any stars at all is because if the first minute of our experience with Tera. If this guy is the manager, he needs to be fired- he doesn't like his job. If he's the owner- Tera needs to find a different job where she'll be respected and they actually appreciate her customer service talent.

    Mark Potter
    December 21, 2022

    The last 5 times I've ordered here ahead and then arrived I have had to wait 30 or more minutes for the order. They're always short handed and a bit shy with customer service or courtesy. Update: I wrote this review while waiting for my order and it was the 5th visit I mentioned. So, when I received my order the young employee gave me a Sharpie to sign the credit slip, I voiced my disapproval and then he handed me a mechanical pencil instead... wow. Upon returning home my wife's sandwich didn't have much in the way of toppings and we paid for extras that we didn't get. Overall I would not recommend this place, unless you order in person and when they're not busy and that's being overly generous with a compliment.

    Aaron Cross
    December 22, 2022

    Service is always slow no matter how many people are in there. I was only person in there and took 8 minutes before i could order because the only person working the counter was doing a drive through order. Meanwhile I am watching 2 other employees just doing other stuff...TAKE CARE OF CUSTOMERS FIRST

    March 04, 2023

    I walked into the Cottage Grove, Oregon location immediately off the 5 freeway at 11 mins to midnight (closes at midnight every night). The employee did NOT make any negative comment, did NOT do one of those huff n puff irritated sounds nor did he do any type of nasty/negative face of "oh geez, right before I close!" He was very friendly, helped me with a couple of decisions, didn't make me feel rushed or that I was being a bother! He was a very nice & polite young man - ohngeez! Now I feel old for sayingbthat! LOL! And when I requested "extra mayo, like sloppy extra mayo" & "extra, Extra, EXTRA pepperoncinis"...... he accommodated me exactly how I would have done it myself!! Not only was the dining area clean = 5 stars/ the sandwich prep area was tidy & nothing was nasty/old-looking = 5 stars but for me, the best dual part was getting a great fresh sloppy yummy sandwich at that time of night made by a polite & nice employee = 5 stars for each!! Will definitely go again & late at night too!!

    Rachel Courtright
    February 09, 2023

    I've tried giving this place a chance time and time again. My uncle picked me up a sandwich and even though he specifically said barbecue chips he was given sun chips. The bread seemed like it was over cooked but also not done at the same time. Multiple bites had to be spit out due to it being so hard to chew. It seems that the speaker needs to be replaced or fixed and someone else should make the bread because that was just terrible.


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